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Oak Ivy Janes shoes
Oak Ivy Janes shoes

Oak Ivy Janes shoes

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Handmade in the USA by a team of women with high-quality 100% leather and suede. 

-soft and non restrictive for developing feet

-soft Elastic band around ankle 

-help keep socks on newborns

-great for babies crawling around

-perfect for balance when they start standing and walking 

-suede bottoms help make non slip for floors

-good for house/daycare shoes for toddlers! 

-- Please measure child's foot before ordering to select the correct size. Add 3/8”-1/2" to measurement to get correct sole length.

Sizes 5 and 6 include little walker soles:

-1/32" thick material makes for a thicker, longer lasting sole. For outdoor weather conditions. Leather on inside and waterproof sole on outside of shoes. Very thin flexible rubber layer. For older kids and toddlers.