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Felt fidget blanket the truck
Felt fidget blanket the truck
Felt fidget blanket the truck
Felt fidget blanket the truck

Felt fidget blanket the truck

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Felt sensory toy truck, Fidget toy felt board, Montessori toy baby busy board, Baby travel toy play mat for fine motor skills.

What does this felt busy board develop:
- Fine motor skills, coordination and accuracy of movements, the ability to work with two hands;
- Higher mental functions (attention, imagination, perception);
- Speech activity.
The planty of different tactile fabrics and materials will give the baby special tactile sensations and activate the brain.

Height 10.24" (26 cm)
Lenth 7.87" (20 cm)

With talanted craftmaster Anastasia we decided to collaborate and crete interesting and educational felt materials for our sweet little ones.
You can purchase them as a seperate item and in combination with our wooden toys as well.
We tried to repeat and combine in them the same style. Still with keeping in mind that these toys are educational and of a great fun.
We realy hope you enjoy them as we do.

* Though all our products are made with safety in mind, it is strongly recommended that they are played with only under adult supervision.
* Some fabrics and materials may differ slightly from the photo. It also depends on your monitor and smartphone settings.


You can wipe off dirt with wet wipes or hand wash the toy in warm soapy water.