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Handmade puzzle the cow
Handmade puzzle the cow
Handmade puzzle the cow
Handmade puzzle the cow

Handmade puzzle the cow

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Waldorf puzzle toddler toy the cow, Montessori toy wooden animal, Eco friendly toy 3 year old gift, Puzzle set of 19 pieces

Wooden Puzzle Toddler Toy The Cow will be a great fun to your baby and will help in the development of fine motor skills, flexibility of brushes and coordination of movements.
This puzzle pieces set helps to increase creativity and sence of a beauty. Having a fun time while learning is pre-programmed here.
We dont cover our handmade wooden animals toys with thick layer of wax. Only with thin one. We want to safe and show the beaty of the wood as if we look on it in the forest. Please keep it in mind :)


Height 11" (28 cm) Lenth 11" (28 cm) Width 0.8" (2 cm)
Assembly diagram card is included.



- Natural and eco-friendly materials: linden wood
- Hypoallergenic, non-toxic, water-based wax. EN 71.3 compliant. Hand painted-saliva-resistant (Germany)
- Non-lacquered, natural finish
- Natural Packaging - 100% recyclable packaging
- Some parts we leave specialy without any finish to let your kid see and feel the real natural texture and warmth of the wood


- Safe for play: all surfaces are thoroughly polished and all corners are rounded to perfection
- A unique and versatile gift for any occasion guaranteed to impress kids and parents
- Fun, original design at a great price!
- Your kid can build your own fun design from puzzle pieces
- Recommended for kids from 3 + years old


Wood is naturally anti-bacterial. Bacteria do not multiply like on plastic. However, we know how kids can play with toys and probably you will need to clean them.
Small dirt can be wiped with a alcohol-free wet wipe. Avoid soaking and mechanical friction
It is forbiden to use these toys when playing with water because its impossible to get full water resistance with natural wooden materials. Also wood may lose it's smooth surface.


* Though all our products are made with safety in mind, it is strongly recommended that they are played with only under adult supervision.
* Our products are made by hands. You get a unique piece!
* Colors may give slightly different results depending on pieces of wood. It also depends on your monitor and smartphone settings.
* Since we use water-based wax for our toys with frequent play the details may leave a slight mark of colour. Its the feature of natural wax intended for children's toys. And yes that is also the reason why our toys can be nibbled